Fr. Kramer "Apostate Antipope Francis & One World Religion"

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Published on Nov 24, 2017
TradCatKnight Radio, Fr. Kramer "Apostate Antipope Francis & One World Religion"
Talk given 9-4-16 (aprx 2 hours)

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Topics included in this exclusive talk: latest heresy of Francis, Church can have two Popes? Francis 33rd degree Mason, Fr. Martin, Dr. Franco Adesso, Leo Zagami's inside information, why Francis is a true antipope and why we must voice this NOW, Benedict XVI renunciation was not a valid resignation, Positive doubt about the "election", Benedict XVI had attempts on his life and was forced out, Francis is an Apostate/Infidel (Faithless), Sedevacantism, Francis, papal prime minister?, who will consecrate Russia?, Salzagate, inept pseudo traditionalist wannabe "theologians", Fr. Gruner, Church going underground, NeoSSPX, Bishop Fellay, Benedict XVI the Pope to flee Rome and MUCH more!


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