Yin Yang - The Meaning of Yin and Yang

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Published on Nov 30, 2017
In this video, the meaning of yin yang is explained by focusing on its core principles. We will also talk about the yin yang symbol and where it comes from. The aim is to clarify yin and yang theory so that we can apply it more effectively to our daily life. For a FREE book "The Yin and Yang Lifestyle Guide" visit - http://www.michaelhetherington.com.au/freebook

Yin and Yang theory is considered to be one of the most prominent contributions from Chinese history. Yin and yang theory attempts to describe how these two opposing forces are actually co-dependent. While they also appears as two separate energies, they also represent wholeness.

This video focusing the on the core preinciples of yin and yang theory is presented by Michael Hetherington, a teacher or Oriental medicine. This video is just one part of a full online video course exploring yin and yang philosophy.
For more information and to get his FREE book about yin and yang theory, visit - http://www.michaelhetherington.com.au/freebook


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