Real Meaning of Yin Yang - Taoist Secret Teachings

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Published on Nov 30, 2017
Taoist secret with the theory of the Yin Yang and Tai Chi, something most Taoism lovers don't even understand today..! Majority of the people don't even get it because they don't have a real teacher. Here we will tell you the Taoism insider knowledge and expose the true teachings to you in blunt and straight forward language.

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Taoist magic and Taoism is like head and body, they come together as one and not separated. If you want to get a taste of the real learning of Taoism and Taoist magic, you might want to start by getting yourself ordained as a Taoist and start learning!

Some people like to refer Taoism to Daoism - it's really the same thing. Let me tell ya, neither one does not sound like the real Chinese anyway, who cares. As long as you know what it is in your heart, it's fine. Taoism or Daoism, it's really the same thing when you understand what it is - but it is nothing when you really don't know about it for real.

Reading Tao Te Ching and such does not bring you wisdom, nor the answer to "What is Taoism" at all because it was never meant to do so! Real teachings require a proper master and guidance, just like learning anything in life! :)


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